“What are you doing with your life?”

“You have a lot to do with your life!”

We can never forget The Holy Artisan incident of 2016. We can never forget the precious lives lost, both of the innocent civilians and misguided youths who took the path of terrorism.

Not only do we want to remember that dreadful incident but at the same time we want preventive measures such that no other youth walks that misguided path of violent extremism.

To the vulnerable, frustrated, isolated, uninformed youth they ask –

“What are you doing with your life? Sitting at home while thousands of your brothers and sisters are dying overseas? Come fight along with us. Be a hero.”

Well we want to say, you who is reading this right now. Your life has meaning, purpose and you have a lot to do with your life. Don’t just sit there. Go explore your interests,learn, work hard for your passion, engage with your community. In time, your actions can contribute to the betterment of others.

Lastly, it is far far better to win a heart than an argument or a fight. No one goes to heaven for winning arguments. There is no shortcut to that path either. Rather it’s the other way around.

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