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    United International University

    United City, Madani Avenue, Badda, 1209 Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Hosted by UIU Robotics
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The wait is over!!!! Take a deep breath! INNOBOTICS arrives to hold breath & steady the brain. Want to take the challenge and compete using new generation technologies & techniques? Let’s join INNOBOTICS, to show off your brilliant ideas. Show your courage, and be the ultimate warrior! UIU Robotics Club is going to organize INNOBOTICS – 2019, which is a robotics competition in Bangladesh, it will be held in a renowned university of the country, United International University. The competition is open for School, College & University level students. INNOBOTICS is a platform for robotics enthusiasts to show their competitiveness in the field of robotics. They can show their creativity, innovative thinking, art and skills to create and apply the technologies in this sector. It will definitely increase the interest of our youth to come up with new ideas and be actively involved in this sector, which can give us the hope to solve more problems in our country in this new era of technology.

Event Date- 31 January-1 February

Venue- United International University

Registration Link-http://robotics.uiu.ac.bd/innobotics/registration

Campus Ambassador application-

About Segments:

Robo Cup (University / College)
This is one of the most popular robot competitions around the world. It is mainly a football match between robots. Teams must design a manually controlled bot. A match will be held between the two teams. They have to play football with their robot. This segment follows almost the same rules of football. This is also the most popular segment in our country.
Prize Money- 55K

War Machine (University)
Here the wireless robots are prepared to fight with each other systematically. The best beater will be champion after getting the biggest amount of points. The bots can have their own types of weapon to fight against the opponent. This segment presents the power of the bots and skills of the controller. Two or four robots will fight against each other at the same time.
Prize Money- 50K
Rule Book- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JuK0DkIFbVJPlCgrU6BMaZTr-hsIdK2Q/view

Shoot Up (University / College)
Fly into the sky, with speed and intelligence. Participants of the competition must design a multirotor and fabric and run it through a set of manuscripts where it must pass through various obstacles. There will be extreme tasks like avoiding obstacles, going through different shapes of path in a certain time. There will be extra points for self-made body and craftsmanship of the participant. Successful take-off and landing will be rewarded.
Prize Money- 45K
Rulebook- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_c3wwNio-ydEC6dGtCO0escCjM0c1k6B/view?usp=drive_open

Gear Up (University / College)
More speed, more power, less time. Designed to be a light wireless controlled robot that has the ability to cover maximum potential distance, and handle obstacles. In this segment the four-wheeler has to go through off road situation. This road can have water, sands, rocks as well as bumpy places. The challenge is to complete two laps of this track within minimum time and handle all of these tough situations.
Prize Money- 35k

Ant Run (University / College)
Line follower robot is such an invention of modern science by which effort of human in different works has been reduced broadly. This line follower robotic competition will be a challenge for the robot enthusiasts. The task is to follow a black line and find out way to get out of the track with an autonomous robot. Any wrong turn will minus the point and right turn will take the participant to the goal. Participant has to follow the line like an ANT.
Prize Money- 45K

Project Showcase (University / college)
Participants are allowed to showcase any hardware or software-based project as product or prototype. The project should be innovative, comprehensive and suitable for solving real life problems and at the same time increasing productivity and efficiency of any existing method/system.
Prize Money- 31K

Poster Presentation (School / College)
This segment is especially for school and college students so that the young minds of the students can represent their innovative solution to fix various social problem.Here the students from schools and colleges have to make a poster to present their solution.
Prize Money- 24K

Registration Fee details:

For University Students (Any segments)-

2240 TK( charge Included) for 4 persons
2750 TK( charge Included) for 5 persons

***Please contact your campus ambassador for multiple segment registration discount***

For College students (Any segments) –
1530 TK (charge included) for 4 persons

Poster Presentation -1020 TK(charge Included) for 3 persons

bKash-01703810992 (Personal account)
01866863279 (Personal account)


***Rules will be uploaded soon***

For any queries contact- robotics@uiu.ac.bd
01703810992(Event details & Registration)
01881993587(Segment rules)