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– ‘Positive Bangladesh’ offers at-risk youth platform to channel their energy and promote positive thinking as a counter-narrative to the prevailing religious extremism and social stereotypes. Our campaign engages the youth positively with their communities, setting the grounds for tolerance and coexistence, and provides them with a sense of purpose and belonging.

– Positive Bangladesh empowers the youth with a positive atmosphere, enabling them to understand the values of tolerance and empathy. The campaign propagates the inherent messages of peace of Bengali culture and all four major religions of Bangladesh. Through strategic social media activity , as well as innovative, creative tools like Positive Newsroom, Comic, and Stop-motion series, it continues to share inspiring stories and opportunities among the youth to invest their energy in.
– The youth, especially ranging within 13-18 years of age.

– Youths with a lower level of engagements are more prone to the infamous “I-don’t know-what-to-do” syndrome, more accurately, the Twenty-first Century Syndrome. We often fail to perceive the danger this situation poses; as it naturally creates isolation and social communication disorder, these people consequently become vulnerable to manipulation. The worst-case scenario in today’s world is no scarier than ending up with an extremist outlook.

– We operate on online platforms and conduct offline campaigns as well.

– Positive Bangladesh seeks to subdue any possibility of the outbreak of extremism and hate-speech by instigating engagement, creativity, acceptance and compassion. We want to replace extremism and hate-speech with messages of positivity and peace, using our creative and innovative tools.

– We have used innovative tools like Comic and Stop-Motion Video series which Bangladesh has never experienced before as a medium of awareness. Who do you think wouldn’t love this?
– In order to contact, mail us with your query at wearepositivebangladesh@gmail.com or inbox our Facebook page facebook.com/wearepositivebangladesh

– You can contribute to Positive Bangladesh by sharing every positive story and opportunity you come across in our Facebook group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/wearepositivebangladesh/
We generally pick from the most enthusiastic pool of contributor. All the best!