June 3, 2019

মুখোশের আড়ালে


Whether you are dejected, happy, furious, or even bored, emotions are always ever-present and it is through these displays of emotions that we express ourselves. How we go about expressing and presenting ourselves to the world outside and the role of the latter in our lives is unique and different for each of us; our experiences are unique, so are our stories. Over half the population of this world is depressed, alone and what not. But do they ever talk about it in public? No. You know why? Because “lok e ki bolbe?” Whether they are bursting out of happiness, they cannot share them. Why? Because we often tend to be childish and a bit of immature when we are excited; hence, the world gives us the tagline of “immature” or “grow up!”

As a youth, it is very important that we get the freedom to express ourselves and not suppress our emotions for the world’s sake, because it is a democratic country. This is what we want to explore with this exhibition. Who are we at the end of the day when we are with our demons? Are we truly an extension of ourselves or do we hide behind masks made to conceal and comfort?