May 23, 2019

1st Workshop on Differential Geometry: Einstein’s Insight

This June Community of Physics brings you the most mathematically elegant and abstract workshop so far, the “1st Workshop on Differential Geometry”. The workshop will also include Einstein’s general relativity as an application of differential geometry. The workshop will cover the following topics.
1. Special Relativity
2. Exterior Calculus
3. Electromagnetism
4. Differential Geometry: An Overview
5. Non-Metric Spaces
6. Geodesic
7. Parallel Transport
8. Covariant Derivative
9. Geodesic Deviation and Spacetime Curvature
10. The Metric Tensor
11. Calculation of Curvature
12. Extended Exterior Calculus and Bianchi Identity
13. Newtonian Gravity
14. Einstein’s General Relativity
We will open the application portal soon. Join the workshop and let your friends know about it (by tagging them).
** We will open the application portal soon. Link:
** Exact date is not fixed yet. The workshop may last for 6 or 7 days. Let us know the date that works for you in the discussion section.
** If you have any other suggestions, please, write down that in the discussion section as well.

Deadline: June 9