May 23, 2019

3rd GSCDC Nationals 2019

“Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of democracy.” – Jesse Jackson.

Hello Debaters!
We welcome you all to the “3rd GSCDC NATIONALS 2019” where you can get a Packed Debate Tournament filled with great amusement! Debate will give you the means of expressing your true knowledge and understanding through the virtue of speech. It’s a great scope for utilizing your free time and here you can get a chance to prove your Skills and Potential in more ways than one ! We will be arranging Inter-School and Inter-College Debate tournaments as well as Barwary debate with Debate workshop and Seminars!
So, Let this ‘Nationals be more lively and memorable by ensuring your Participation.

Tournament Details:

Debate Format: Asian Parliamentary (Tab)
School Team Cap: 24
College Team Cap: 24
Tab Break after 4 Rounds!

Detail Schedule will be provided soon!
Stay Tuned!

For any kind of query:
Mehedi Hasan Emon
President, GSCDC
Mobile: 01521503485

Tanjid Arefin Bappy
General Secretary, GSCDC
Mobile: 01742476415

Shazid Hossain Adib
Vice-president of Debate & Workshops, GSCDC
Mobile: 01521559198

Deadline: JUNE 13