December 5, 2018

Culture Collab, Dhaka ’18

Have you ever had the feeling that either you or your friends have not been getting a fair share of the spotlight? We all deserve a chance to be noticed, “Culture Collab, Dhaka ’18” is yours to make the most out of. We’re taking in talent ranging from cuisine to art (digital and traditional), from music & dances to writing and stand-up, from new start ups to celebrated companies and cultures, to do justice to those who chase their passions and put it all on a plate for the generation to enjoy and appreciate


Tickets to be sold at the gate: 
Ticket pricing – BDT 500 


Registration for performers and artists to be posted soon, stay tuned!

How can YOU get involved? Let’s simply it:

1) Take the stage and perform
2) Exhibit your work all over the venue 
3) Get your work published on our booklet

Now let’s break it down

So what can you do in Culture Collab, Dhaka? Well, you can either present or you can work for us. We’ll get to the presentation opportunities available in just a bit. Are you a budding photographer and/or videographer in need of recognition? Well we may just hire you for the daylong event!

Now, coming to the areas where YOU CAN market yourself:
i) Music: Here’s what we’re offering- a space, a time, and a big audience to impress. Be there or be square.

ii) Comedy: We love stand-up artists and want you as the interlude to performers. Think big leagues. Same for poetry slammers. 

iii) Art: Same old drill with our own mix to switch it up. We’re searching high and low for all types of art, digital included. Exhibit your work on the walls, or get your work published on our booklet.

iv) Literature: What do we mean when we say literature? We mean any works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and so on. The best part about getting selected? Your most prided works go into a booklet with other writers which shall be given to EVERYONE at the event. That’s quite a lot of traction, sure you can handle it?For those who dare to take the pen, we’re looking out for you.

v) Fashion: Got a line of clothes you’ve been wanting to show the world? Cloth yourselves in Culture Collab 2018. Message us on our page to get the quotation of setting up a stall at Culture Collab, Dhaka

vi) Cuisine: Confident in your ability to rock taste buds? If so, then it’s time to hit the pots and pans for all the intellectuals, musicians, comedians, writers, artists, photographers, fashionistas and intellectuals. What a diverse bunch of cravings.Message us on our page to get the quotation of setting up a stall at Culture Collab, Dhaka

vii) Photographers: They say words speak a thousand words, so we’re plugging you into the booklet as well (Or you could exhibit in the walls like your painter friends).

There are dreamers, and there are doers. We know you’re both, so act up!

Deadline: December 19, 2018 at 3:31 PM – 10 PM