May 23, 2019

Day Long Workshop on Line Follower Robot

Day Long Workshop on Line Follower Robot

 Introduction:
The line follower robot has great importance in industrial manufacturing process, automation, carrying cartage in a specific direction etc. A Line Follower Robot, as the name suggests, is an automated guided vehicle, which follow a visual line embedded on the floor or ceiling. Usually, the visual line is the path in which the line follower robot goes and it will be a black line on a white surface but the other way (white line on a black surface) is also possible. Certain advanced Line Follower Robots use invisible magnetic field as their paths.
Line follower Robot is one of the first robots that beginners and students would get their first robotic experience with. In this workshop, they will be able to learn and design a simple Line Follower Robot using Arduino and some other components.

 Date & Time:
14th June,2019
10am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-4pm

 Group Formation:
2 members in each group

 Fees:
1500 taka for 2 persons, without kit
3700 taka for 2 persons, with kit
10% discount for members
 Providings:
5.10%discount coupon on products

 Payment method:
-Fees can be sent through bKash(01745192740)
-Bkash or Rocket(017451927402) payment needs cash out charge
-After sending the fees, message your name, phone number and transaction ID to this number(01745192740)
-You will get a confirmation message and ID for the workshop and your seat will be confirmed

 Address:
Lalbag, Opposite to Shahi Masjid(beside Shahi juice corner),ground floor

 Certificate will be provided after the submission of assignment/ project works

 Registration link:

 Topics:
1.Basics of Arduino
2.Basics of line following robot
3.Basics of every component used in LFR
4.Construction of line follower
5.Test run on the track

Deadline: June 14