August 22, 2019

DCELC Photography Exhibition 2019

Event Link :

“ There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer “
Presenting 1st DCELC Photography Contest 2019!!

DCELC is delighted to bring you this event where participants can show their photography skills.

1. DSLR or Digital Camera.
(i) All sorts of SLRs (DSLR, Semi-SLR etc.) and digital camera photos are included in this category.
(ii) Minimum picture size is 4 MB and the file must be in .Jpeg or .Jpg format
2. Mobile Phone.
i. Minimum picture size is 3 MB and the file must be in .Jpeg or .Jpg format
ii. No SLR or digital camera photos will be allowed. If exposed, the submission will be immediately eliminated and a notice will be sent to his/her institution.

Themes :
(i) Open
(ii) Conceptual

Rules and regulations:
(i) Participants are required to email their entries. No printed or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Exhibition.
(ii) Participants must submit caption with their photos.
(iii) Photographs bearing logo/watermark will not be accepted.
(iv) Photos can be in color or monochrome.
(v) No types of digital manipulation is allowed. Only manipulation such as colour inflation and cropping is allowed.
(vi) Each participant can submit maximum 5 photos in each category.
(vii) Participants must submit their contact number with their photos in mail.
(viii) After selecting the photos, the participants will be confirmed by Email.
(ix) 3 participants from each photography category will be awarded crests and certificates.
(x) All the participants of photography exhibition will receive their participation certificate and after the event, the photos along with their frames will be given to their owners.
(xi) All submissions are final. Further changes will not be allowed.
(xi) The participant must bear this testimony that if any violation of rule is found, he/she will be disqualified from the contest.

Submission process:
(i) Submission has to done through e-mail. the email address is:
(ii) Each participant has to mention his/her full name, institution name, level/class, photography category (DSLR/ Mobile), title or caption and contact number with the picture.
(iii) After sending picture to the given e-mail address, participants will get a selection confirmation mail.
(iv) After getting the selection mail, participants have to send 500 taka for each photo of DSLR and 350 taka for each photo of mobile photography by Bkash. Our Bkash number will be sent through E-mail as soon as the photo is selected.
(v) Within an hour, he/she will get a code number from bkash and he/she will have to send the code number to the e-mail address again and then the participant will get his/her confirmation mail.

The e-mail address:
bkash Number: +880 19 1522 6798

(vi) Last date of submission: August 25, 2019

For further queries,
Sharjil Shabab Khan
Department of Media & Photography
Contact No. +880 18 8136 2663