November 14, 2018

Dhaka International FolkFest 2018

Dhaka International FolkFest is coming at your doorsteps for the fourth year in a row to make you fly in the soothing sound of folk music; the sound which will take you to your roots.
This year like the ones before, you will witness Bangladeshi and international folk musicians performing on a single platform. We want you to celebrate the experience of your lifetime through this journey.
Entwine your soul with the sounds from Polish gypsy folklores to the breezy island of Bahrain to the Alps of Spain. Groove with the heartfelt music of Pakistan, India, and the Grammy award winner folk musicians from the USA. So, take a moment out of your busy life to welcome the music enchanters across the globe to our city of rush. Let’s get acquainted with the rich heritage and culture of the globe and reintroduce yourself to ours in Dhaka International FolkFest 2018.


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Deadline: November 15,16,17