August 18, 2019

Dhaka Youth Fest ’19

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Dhaka Youth Fest ’19 is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. To celebrate this year’s Youth Day, Positive Bangladesh is organizing ‘Dhaka Youth Fest ’19’ powered by EMK Center. With the day being packed with panel discussions, open mic sessions, interactive exchanges and a fantastic exhibition of youth achievements – let’s celebrate youth and spread positivity.

Just REGISTER ONLINE with your information to attend the FIRST EVER ‘Dhaka Youth Fest 2019’ on 25TH AUGUST, 2019 (SUNDAY) at EMK Center. This is an ALL DAY LONG event starting from 10.00am till 08.00pm.

Registration Form –
Registration Deadline – 22nd August, 2019 (11.59PM BDT)

Event Date – 25th August, 2019
Event Time – 10.00AM to 08.00PM
Event Venue – EMK Center (9th Floor – MIDAS Center Building, House – 5, Dhanmondi – 27, Dhaka)

Event Schedule
10.00am to 12.00pm – Opening and Panel Discussion 1
12.00pm to 01.00pm – Open Mic Session 1
01.00pm to 02.30pm – Panel Discussion 2
02.30pm to 03.30pm – Open Mic Session 2
03.30pm to 05.00pm – Panel Discussion 3
05.00pm to 06.00pm – Open Mic Session 3
06.00pm to 08.00pm – Panel Discussion 4 and Closing

The panel discussions will consist of interactive exchanges between and among the guests and the audience, in an endeavor to inspire the crowd to chase their passion. Youth icons from different fields of expertise – photography, dance, beatbox, music, literature, entreneurship, travelling, sports, cartoon and many more will talk about their passion, struggle and the significance of such alternative courses on transforming our society, system and education- in a positive light. An open mic session will be followed by each discussion, where the audience will get an opportunity to exhibit their talent. MakerLab, Quizards, শুনতে কি পাও ? and many more youth organizations will be present all day to interact and share opportunities with everyone.

About Positive Bangladesh
Positive Bangladesh is a social start-up that offers the youth a platform to engage in creative activities and nurture positive thinking. In short term, we engage the youth positively with their communities, setting the grounds for tolerance and coexistence, and provide them a sense of purpose and belonging, while transforming them into passionate, skilled individuals and agents for positive change in long term.

About EMK Center
The mission of the Edward M. Kennedy Center (EMK Center) for Public Service and the Arts is to engage, inspire, connect and empower citizens of all ages to better themselves, their communities and the world. The EMK Center recognizes the potential of a person and provides a platform to showcase their aptitude and respect the ability of the youth to see what is possible, what should be, and their potential to make it so. The Center firmly believes that even one person has the power to bring on positive change through public service. Be it through volunteerism, through one’s career, through fostering entrepreneurship, etc. Public service has tremendous potential to transform our societies. The Center extends support to any organization or individual who is willing to dedicate time and effort to bring about change through the engagement of youth. The Center’s objective is to connect individuals and organizations to each other, support them and create a synergy that is beneficial to Bangladesh both in the short and the long run.

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