November 19, 2018

Digital Marketing Summit 2018

n a digitally driven world, it’s a challenge just to keep pace with all the change because Digital is evolving at lightning speed and, in line with international trends, it is moving from conveying a message to creating an experience. Bangladesh is also witnessing a tremendous change in the digital space, with mobile phone leading the internet drive in Bangladesh and the rise of popularity of social media, there has never been a bigger opportunity for the digital space to bring transformational changes across multiple segments of our lives.

The day long summit will explore answers to some exciting questions about digital space and its challenges through case studies, interactive panel discussion, and deep dive discussion (with smaller groups). The Summit will bring together leading and global industry professionals, decision-makers and thought leaders under one roof to exchange and share their experiences about all aspects of digital marketing. It will also provide a multidisciplinary forum to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, strategies, challenges and solutions in the field of digital media and marketing.

This year we have:
5 Keynote Sessions
3 Breakout Session
2 Panel Discussions
2 Case Study Presentations
2 Insight Sessions

For registration details:
Phone: +8801743836608 ; +8801925969444

Deadline: November 24 9 AM – 5:30 PM