December 5, 2018

D’PhotoCafé Int. Art n’ Photography Exhibition 2018

In the exhibition in addition to the 200 best Art n’ Photography from around the world, there will be also best Art & Photography from Artist n’ photographers of Bangladesh. 

There will three days International cultural programs to accompany the Exhibition. And educational group discussions, and talk about Art n’ Photography subject matter. We are inviting you in addition to some respected honorable guests and renowned personalities.

Those whose Art n’ Photographs were selected by the Honorable Judges of the “D’PhotoCafé Int. Art n’ Photography Exhibition 2018” for them we are requesting to follow some formalities as listed below. 

Also with that, we want to wish you for staying with D’PhotoCafè and sending our wishes for your wellness forever.


(if your Art n’ Photo is selected for the exhibition, then you need to pay Registration Fee Only Taka 1,000/= & You’ll get Free D’PhotoCafé International Photography ID Card)
For more info: +8801700743507 (Shuvro) Or +8801700743505 (Apurbo AP)

-Our Honorable Judges: 

D’PhotoCafé Admin Panel Selection Judge:

1. Rocío Bueno (Madrid, Spain)
-(Internationa Award Winner Photographer)

=Final Selection=

1. José Luis Valdivia (Fuerteventura, Canarias, Spain)
-(Photojournalist, filmmaker & teacher. Fujifilm X-Photographer. Vanguard Photo Pro. Director FIF.)

2. Atinku Das ( Calcutta, India)
(International Award winning Photographer & Artist)

3. Anwar Hossain (Les Lilas, France)
-(Photo-Cine- Video Fanatic. A retired Media- Teacher)

4. Kudrat E Khoda (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
-(Wildlife & Nature Photography Expert & Fujifilm X-Photographer)

=Primary Selection=

5. Sanjiban Ghosh (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)
-(Honorable Mentor of D’PhotoCafé International Exhibition Judges Panel)

6. Srf Khan (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
-(Founder & Honorable Mentor of D’PhotoCafé International Exhibition Judges Panel) 

7. Zeynep Büyükçelen (Kayseri, turkey)
-(Honorable Moderator of D’PhotoCafé International Exhibition Judges Panel)

8. Sudip Hom Chaudhuri (Kolkata, West Bengal, India)
-(Honorable Member of D’PhotoCafé International Exhibition Judges Panel)
-(Honorable of D’PhotoCafé International Exhibition Judges Panel)


☛ Entry Closing date: 25th November – 2018
☛ Primary Selection: 26th – 30th November – 2018
☛ Judging Selection: 01th December – 5th December – 2018
☛ Exhibition Date: 27th – 29th December – 2018

☛ Entries must be received by 25th November 2018. Received Entries after that date will not be considered.

☛ Entrants will be notified whether their Art n’ Photographs has been Accepted or Not, on 3rd December. through From Our E-mail, SMS Or Phone.

☛ Paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, digitally produced artworks, and mixed media constructions are accepted. WhatsApp Contact: +8801700743507

☛ For Photography, JPEG format is acceptable. HDR is allowed, Border or Watermark is not allowed.

☛ All Art n’ Photographs should accurately reflect the subject matter and the scene as it appeared. The Artist n’ Photographer must be the original and valid owner of the art n’ photo submitted.

☛ A participant can submit maximum 3 Art n’ photos. Add a title with every Art n’ photographs & Participant must provide his/her contact number & location by mailing address.
☛ Each photograph should have a caption and rename in the following format: ☛ “Serial number_Caption_Photographer’s full name_Mobile number”. Example: ☛ 01_life is beautiful_Rakib Khan_01712345678

**If any submission does not meet any of the above terms and conditions, that submission will be automatically disqualified without any notice.


Including about worldwide countries Artist n’ Photographers. This “D’PhotoCafé Int. Art n’ Photography Exhibition 2018” will be held in Bangladesh ShilpaKala Academy on December 27th – December 29th, from 3:00 pm till 8:00 pm. Please contact the following number being a proud member of the “D’PhotoCafé Int. Art n’ Photography Exhibition 2018” with your opinions and suggestions on any matter:


☛ +8801715939726 (Srf Khan) +8801700743505 (Apurbo AP), +91 9830962120 (Rahul Paul), +8801777330066 (Go-Girl)

Deadline: Dec 27 - Dec 29 , 2018