June 3, 2019

Human Library at Goethe-Institut


Goethe-Institut Bangladesh invites you to join the event
“Human Library at Goethe-Institut”
15 June | 3 pm | Goethe-Institut Library

We meet so many people every day. We only know them by their outer appearance. Sometimes we unfairly judge them. However, it is time to “unjudge” someone because in collaboration Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, Human Library Bangladesh is offering a platform to hear them out and know their story before making a judgement.

Come to the venue and you are free to peruse the “subjects” and pick out a person that interests you and sit with them for half an hour and hear their story, or just talk about that particular topic. The talk will be followed by round table discussion with the five human books in three sessions.

Human Library Bangladesh brings the concept of library but instead of books, you get to read people. It brings a diverse set of people together from different culture, background, thoughts and beliefs-but who are right here in our society. They will share their perspective and thoughts and will allow you, the reader, to learn their life story.

Open for public, no pre-registration required.
Please bring your valid photo ID.