December 5, 2018

InnovEx Dhaka 2018



Registration Link for workshop:

Pay BDT. 50 for attending workshop (each category).

Registration link for participation (NOT TAKING ANY MORE SUBMISSIONS):

Pay BDT. 500 (for participants) only after your work gets selected.
For more information, text us or check out our website

“InnovEx Dhaka 2018 is the ultimate creative event of the city. The event consists of everything for everyone. This inclusive for all event will consist of exhibition, live competition, workshop and creative career fest. Participants will be writers, painters and photographers. The top 60 (20 from each of the category) will get to exhibit their work in front of hundreds and also participate in a live competition. The open for all creative career fest will let anyone who walks in to drop in their CV and portfolio while anyone who signs up for the workshop can participate easily.

*Exhibition: Top 60 participants selected will exhibit their work.

*Live Competition: The participants will compete against each other for the trophy and the amazing prizes.

*Workshop: There will be workshops for writing, photography and painting which will be for anyone who wishes to learn more.

*Creative career fest: An open for all career fest for anyone who walks into the event. Just drop in your CV or portfolio through pendrive. We take it digitally. 

Interested? Send in your work with confidence. Pay only after your work gets selected. Win amazing prizes, goodies and certificates.”

Deadline: December 15, 2018 at 10 AM – 8 PM