December 6, 2018

Intra IUB LFR Competition

For Your Information:

-The competition is open for all undergraduate students
-You must register as a team and each team can have a maximum of 4 members
-Last Date of registration is 8th December 2018 .(No registration fees is required)
-The competition will be held on 11th December 2018
-Last time of check-in on the venue is 10:00 am
-All the teams must submit the bot to the organizing committee by 10:45 am
-The competition will start at 11:00 am sharp

Competition Overview:

A robot has to follow a line under various conditions (e.g. round corners, sharp corners etc.) Points will be rewarded on the basis of checkpoints crossed, distance cover, speed and the way of handling the conditions. There will be 2 rounds. Qualifying Round and The Final Round.

Competition Rules:

-Before the competition starts, you have to submit the robot to the organizing committee
-Participants can use the pit-stop area (practice track) in an orderly manner to check the condition of the robot
-Each team has only 1 representative in the competition arena
-After submitting the robot you will not be allowed to make any kind of changes to the bot.
-The Robot must follow the line without any human intervention
-No Wireless communication or external data feed to the robot will be allowed
-The Robot must go through all the checkpoints to complete the race. If any Bot cannot finish the whole track, then the bot will be scored according to the distance covered, checkpoints reached and the way of handling the conditions of the track.
-Only 5 attempts/restarts are authorized
-Nudging/Pushing or any type of manual handling of the robot will lead to cancellation of that run
-3 minutes will be given to each team for calibrating their sensors on the track before their first run
-The race is complete if the robot has been declared finish or decided not to be able to continue the race by the jury
– Participants are required (may) place the robot at the last checkpoint position hereinafter called reset with the following conditions:
1. The robot cannot find the line or exit the track
2. The robot takes the wrong direction
3. Robot stops for more than 5 seconds
-Race time will be 5 minutes for Qualification Round and 5 minutes for the Final Round
-Participating teams are always responsible for the safety of their robots and liable for any loss, theft, and damage caused by their team members or their robots
-Participants are not allowed to replace the power supply (batteries) and any spare parts while competing
-Each team will be given 2 trials out of which the best time will be considered by the jury

Track Specification:

Robot Specification
-The robot must be a ground wheeled vehicle
-Max Dimension in cm: 20*15*20
-Weight 3kg Maximum
-Power: Maximum 24 volts onboard power supply
-Metal wheeled robots are not allowed. Wheels must be rubberized
-The robot must not damage the surface of the track
-Robots can be oriented with the room lighting conditions that have been determined by the jury, including the camera flash (unless that is stated disturbing according to the jury)
-No construction sets such as LEGO or Meccano is allowed
-Each team must bring its own power supply, charger or an extra battery for the robot. No additional equipment/parts will be supplied.

Registration Link:
Last Date of Registration:8 December, 2018

Deadline: December 11, 2018 at 10 AM – 5 PM