December 6, 2018

Lever Ayush Presents Masters Of Ideation 2018 – NSU YES!

What started out as a dream foreseen by a group of visionaries came into reality in the year 2012. The dream? Masters of Ideation- The Battle for Supremacy. 

Known as one the most competitive and academically enriched business case solving competitions all across the country, Masters of Ideation is the single most captivating strategic business case-solving competition, which gives students all across the country to try their hands in real life business cases, providing the students with the ultimate platform to showcase their creative supremacy. 

North South University Young Entrepreneurs’ Society, NSU YES! is back with Masters of Ideation yet again for its 6th edition in 2018; bigger, better. 

Under the circumstances of our collaboration with Unilever Bangladesh and with Lever Ayush as our Sponsor, Masters of Ideation 2018 is all set to launch. 

This year’s Masters of Ideation will see teams from over 27 universities, competing to win the grandest prize of them all; a chance to call themselves The Masters of Ideation. With four (4) diversified rounds assessing the students in all levels of case solving and strategic business modeling, this year’s Masters of Ideation gives you the chance of a lifetime to showcase your skill set. 

Champions: 1,35,000 BDT 
1st Runners Up: 85,000 BDT 
2nd Runners Up: 65,000 BDT

The top 3 teams will be fastracked to the Final Round of Unilever Leadership Internship Programme’s (ULIP) Recruitment.

Registration Process: 
To register your team follow this link: 
Team Member: 3 members per team 
Online Registration Deadline: 2nd November, 2018. 
Registration Fee: N/A
For more information please visit:

Tentative Timeline:
Workshop: 2nd November
Online Round: 3rd November
On Spot Round: 9th November
Ideation Round: 17th November
Grand Finale: To be Announced 

Rules and Regulations: 
1. A team has to consist of no more or less than exactly 3 members.
2. All the members of a team must be from the same university. Any team found consisting of members outside of their own institution will be disqualified. 
3. At least 1, and a maximum of 3 members per team can attend the Workshop. 
4. For the first (online) round, the teams have to maintain the highest amount of punctuality in meeting the deadlines.
5. There will be no presentation for the first round.
6. The date of the Grand Finale will be announced. 
7. NSU YES! holds the right to invoke any changes at any time.

Deadline: December 2018 (06,07,08,09)