November 20, 2018



“So many books, so little time.” Welcome fellow bookworms! We present to you our very own Litmosphere, where readers from far and beyond can unite under the common love for rusty pages, love-worn spines and literary magic. This is for anyone and everyone, to share our thoughts on books from all over the world, spanning over years! Doesn’t matter what genre, what language. All we care about is that we help each other by sharing the knowledge we gained and feeding the never satisfied thirsts of fellow book worms. #GUIDELINES_FOR_PAGE_OWNERS: 1. #We will allow page owners to promote their pages in the group only on SUNDAYS. This is the day you can tell us about your new stocks or share your posts in the group. However, each post requires a small description or introduction of the post. Note: Page owners are allowed only one promotion post every Sunday. 2. #If there is a special promotion or discount going on in your page, you can post about it in the group by asking the admins first. Even then, a sort of explanation or introduction is required in the caption. 3. #If a member specifically asks for a book and where it’s available, only then comment about having the book in stock (if you do). Please do not comment about having books in stock if not required. **We will be deleting any post that violates these guidelines from now on. After repeated deletion, we will give a warning. Failure to further comply will force us to take actions.