December 6, 2018

Modhubagh Football Fest

No age limit category:
Squad: 10 man (7 on field including keeper)
Max teams: 24
1.Primary group stage
– 6 Groups (4 teams per group, top 2 qualify for super 12)
2.Super 12
– 12 teams will be qualifying for the next round then there will be 2 groups; in each group there will be 6 teams and from 2 groups 8 teams will qualify for the Quarter final 
-Quarter final 
-Semi final 
Game length: 
-15 mins straight for group stages
-10 mins per half for knock outs 

Entry: Tk 2500/- per team


No age limit category: 
Champions: Tk 12000/- + Trophy + Medals
Runners up: Tk 6000/- + Trophy + Medals
Individual: Goal Machine (Medal), The Keeping Wall (Medal), 
The prize money is obviously subject to the number of teams that participate!

Photographers will be there to cover the whole tournament!
There will be music and live commentary!
Food and other sport stalls will keep you replenished!

Rules and Regulations:
• Guests and supporters are most welcome and cordially invited to the tournament to cheer on their teams.
• International Futsal rules are applicable.
• Teams playing in this tournament either have to wear their own jerseys or same colored tees.
• A player can play in one team only.
• Professionals are not allowed in this tournament.
• The last man standing keeper in the game time will have to stand keeper if the match stretches to penalties. No team will be allowed to change their keeper during a shoot-out.
• Players shown a red card will be suspended for the next match.
• A back pass to the keeper is allowed for every time the ball changes possession or every time the ball crosses the half way line. This improves quality of the game.
• Rolling substitution system.
• Sliding tackles are allowed according to the referee’s discretion. Again, international futsal rules apply.
• The referee holds complete power to make decisions on the field and is to be respected. Any misbehavior will result in direct disqualification.
• A team is only allowed in the dugout if their match is going on. Nobody else is allowed in the field during another team’s match and are requested to enjoy the beautiful game from the gallery.
• Kick ins or outs must be taken from outside the line. That includes corners as well.
• The team will concede one goal for every four minutes of delay. 
• A bKash number will be provided soon where a certain amount of entry (min 500, max full entry) has to be submitted to ensure confirmation. No captain’s meeting as we don’t want to put you through any hassle.
• Groupings and Draws will be shown live on event page to ensure fairness.

For further queries, questions or simply to chat, please contact us through facebook or the following numbers:
Shayakh Rahman Khan: 01797261655
Nahin Islam: 01792592593

Deadline: Dec 21 at 9 AM – Dec 22 at 6 PM