November 20, 2018

Okopot- Thoughts Unleashed

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Experiences are stories, which need to be told, carried forward and passed on to people, to our community and coming generations. It harnesses a collective celebration of passion, dreams and failure.

And in collaboration with Spreeha Bangladesh, we want to keep our tradition of storytelling alive by connecting people from different walks of life. We bring to you “অকপট (Okopot)- thoughts unleashed”, our cozy evenings of storytelling with dream weavers sharing their personal experiences in the pursuit of their dreams.
The guest for September is yet a surprise!
Come join us for a snug conversation over tea and snacks!

Okopot’s Title Sponsor- Spreeha Bangladesh
Ticketing Partner – Jete Chao?

***Limited seats!***

Deadline: November 24 December 29 January 26 17:00 – 19:30