May 24, 2019

Premier of ‘Harano Rajjo’


Paraa collaborated with and commissioned Kazi Toufiqul Islam Emon of Prachyanat Theatre to work closely with the children of the LEEDO Peace Home to develop ‘Harano Rajjyo’, a fairytale, with scripts, improvisations, costumes and produced especially for the Bamboo Playspace. The narrative of the story was developed with fourteen children, aged 6-15, and some of whom were differently abled. The process involved a series of 2-3 hour workshops daily with the children, led by Shahriar Shaon and Jaganmoy Paul. The workshops focused on teaching and learning scripts, singing, dancing and other group activities.

We invite you all on the 24th May, 2019 for the premier of ‘Harano Rajjo’ at Bamboo Playspace, Bosila.