December 5, 2018

Pursue Your Passion: Higher Studies in Abroad


Graduation seems all fun and relief but there stands another side. What are you doing after graduation? Higher study in abroad is the answer for a major part of the students. Almost every student considers this possibility once in life. While higher study in aboard means the excitement of moving to a new country, adapting a new language, experiencing new culture and lifestyle, it also means the horror of choosing the destination, querying about available scholarships and research facilities, dealing with the expectations of foreign professors from Bangladeshi students, leaving a whole life behind and adjusting to a new atmosphere. 
To answer all these questions of yours and to guide you towards your passion, we, BUET Career Club (BCC) proudly present our new event, ‘Pursue Your Passion: Higher Studies in Abroad’ where the sessions will be taken by the renowned faculty members and, 
#German_Ambassadorhimself will be present in front of you!

#Venue: BUET Auditorium Complex

#Event_Date: 7th December 2018


(8:45 – 9:00) am – 
Inauguration: The program will be inaugurated by honorable DSW Sir, Dr. Satya Prasad Majumder.
(9:00 – 10:00) am – 
Experience Sharing Session: You get to learn firsthand about staying and studying in abroad, available scholarships and research facilities by BUET Faculty who persuaded their higher studies in USA, Canada, Australia & Europe. 
(10:00 – 11:00) am – 
SOP & Email Writing: One of the very first and most important task of higher study in abroad process is writing SOP & Email that will get you admitted into a fine higher study program. 
(11:00 – 11:40) am – 
Hearing from Foreign Professor: Now it’s time to learn from the people from the other side of this process, Bangladeshi professors currently working in foreign universities. 
(11:45 – 12:15) pm – 
Embassy Collaboration: We get to a whole new level in this last part. Honorable #German_Ambassador 
#DHAK_L_Fahrenholtz will talk about available German scholarship & career development opportunities. 

We hope to make the most of your time in this event. People from every stages of the studying abroad process is coming to talk and guide you through this important decision of your life. 

So, hurry up and register yourself. We promise you an exciting and beneficial day. 

For BUET Students – BDT 200
For Non-BUET Students – BDT 300
For Professionals & Postgraduate students – BDT 300 

Bkash Payment: 01620565822 , 01521309248, 01735584033
Rocket Payment: 01709686410


For any query: 
Feel free to inbox in our official page

Deadline: December 07, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM