December 5, 2018

Season- 7- Are You the Next Startup?: Grooming Session

Are You the Next Startup?” is a national level talent hunt program introduced to find out potential startups and entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. It will hunt, groom, design, organize, and manage new enterprises or business ideas till the ultimate success of each winner. 

The unique feature of “Are You the Next Startup?” is 4-year graduation program for the winners. After an intensive research, we found seed startups are not growing only because lack of knowledge and guidance. Here in this unique platform amateur entrepreneurs will be trained and graduated under the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Daffodil International University for learning by doing. Potential and promising winning entrepreneurs will be awarded up to 100% scholarship on tuition fees for this 4-year graduation for practical and theoretical learning which will transform them into successful entrepreneurs within four years of their graduation. In addition, each and every student under this project will earn seed money to start the new business during graduation that will confirm their involvement in the business sector. This project is to create entrepreneurs in the real sense and job opportunities for the huge unemployed educated population in the country that will contribute directly to increase GDP. 

Open online Application : 05 November 2018
Close online Application : 25 December 2018
Inform selected participants : 29-30 December 2018
Ice Breaking and Grooming sessions : 05-06 January 2019
Finalists Selection Round : 07 January 2019
Offering Scholarship and admission : 08 January 2019
Class start : 12 January 2019

Deadline: January 5, 2019 at 10 AM – 5 PM