June 3, 2019

Space Innovation Summit-2019



Bangladesh Innovation Forum has been formed to ensure the progress of Bangladesh and the youth through innovative thinking of young innovators. It is growing up rapidly with its own vision. We have now 55,000 members and 16000 beloved volunteers all over the country.

We are very pleased to let you know, Bangladesh Innovation Forum is arranging for the Second time in Bangladesh ‘Space Innovation Summit-2019‘on July 19-20, 2019 at Independent University of Bangladesh, Dhaka. In Two days long event there will be 4 Sessions with 16 Seminars, 2 Day long Workshop, Space Gaming Competition, Project showcasing and many more. More than 5000 Visitors (Including Scientist, Professionals, Gov. Official, Space Lovers, Scientific Problem Solver and Students, etc) will join this program. This year we are also going to celebrate 50 years of Moon Landing.

Four Sessions will be:
01. Rocket Technology A to Z (10 am – 01 pm), July 19, 2019
02. Satellite making and communication ( 03 pm – 07 pm), July 19, 2019
03. Robot for space exploration (10 am – 01 pm), July 20, 2019
04. Career at NASA ( 03 pm – 07 pm), July 20, 2019

Two Workshop:
01. Ground Station making with Satellite tracking and image receiving (Date: 19th July 2019, Time: 10am- 6pm)
Seat : 30 only

02. Rocket Making Workshop (Simulation Based) (Date: 20th July 2019, Time: 10am- 6pm)

Seat : 30 only

For Details & Registration Please Visit: https://spacecampbd.com/sis/

Last date of Registration : June 30, 2019
(Limited Seat)