November 15, 2018

Techfest Bangladesh Zonal

Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh has been organizing the Bangladesh Zonal Rounds for Techfest since 2013, since Techfest being a great platform for engineering students of our country to prove their creativity and gather experiences competing with teams coming from all over the world. In continuation of that, we are announcing “Techfest Bangladesh Zonal” this year also.

Techfest Bangladesh Zonal will be conducting sixteen (16) competition in total under four segments.

Segment 1 – International:
1. International Robotics Challenge – An international platform to prove one’s mettle in core robotics –
2. International Full Throttle Challenge – An RC nitro buggy race mimicking real-life formula one racing –
3. International Robowars – here, one can witness the ultimate fight as battle hungry bots grind it out for the prize –

Segment 2 – IDEATE:
1. Innovate to Illuminate – Innovative minds coming together to illuminate the world –
2. Vision-2030 – Broad innovative ideas aiming for Utopia –
3. Reforming the Past – Emancipate the earth by analysing the past tragedies –

Segment 3 – TECHNORION:
1. Cozmo Clench – Gripper bot to make way towards prestige by moving obstacles in its path –
2. Meshmerize – Autonomous line-follower to decipher a maze –

Segment 4 – General:
1. Op.Rahat – Drone to help refugees suck in disasters –
2. RowBoatics – Designing an efficient yacht to race its way to triumph –
3. Makerthon Challenge – A chance to linker with real-life industrial problems –
4. Springfield Challenge – Software for capturing data while parsing documents –
5. Periloscope Challenge – Time to save the future through risk management –
6. Encode Steel – Designing a layout for a sustainable residential structure –
7. Aeromodelling Challenge – Designing and fabricating an RC plane to manouver obstacles –
8. McCafe on the Go – Designing a 3D functional model of mobile coffee cart –

• Top TWO (2) teams from each International, Technorion and general segments’ competition will join straight into final at IIT, Bombay.
• Top One (1) team from each IDEATE segment’s competition will join straight into final at IIT, Bombay.

Get registered | Explore your potential | Win the race!!

See Techfest Bangladesh Zonal Problem details here:

General Rules:
• Each team consists of four members. Same person can not be member of multiple team.
• Each team can participate in only ONE (1) competition.
• Registration fee: 2,000 BDT
• Payment method: Bkash
• Payment Number: +8801786303060
• No spot registration will be allowed.

Special Note:
* Participants must bring their student ID on the event day.
* Organizing team reserves the right to take any decision at any point which deem fit for the reputation of the country and smooth execution of the program.

Registration link:

Last Date of Registration: 6th November

Event Date: 17th November

Deadline: November - 17 Hours- 10:00-20:00