December 6, 2018

Women International Film Festival (WIFF) 2019 in Pakistan

all for films for the Women International Film Festival (WIFF) 2019 in Pakistan.

To fill a huge gender gap in the field of storytelling using digital media and film, mainly due to lack of awareness and opportunities for women, a movement to encourage and facilitate them in using self-expression, storytelling, fiction, and citizen journalism through filmmaking to raise their voice and create social change, took birth. They call it Women through Film.


While battling the ailing independent film appreciation among the wider public, and supporting to celebrate the work of women filmmakers, came into existence Pakistan’s home-grown Women International Film Festival (WIFF), as the flagship initiative of Women Through Film.

WIFF19 is going to be a five-day event showcasing films received by filmmakers from around the world on the themes of Helping hands, Child abuse, and Sexual Harassment, in the form of short films, documentaries, public service announcements, and animated films.


The upcoming WIFF19 is going to be a five-day event showcasing films received by filmmakers from around the world on the themes of Child Abuse, Sexual Harassment, and Helping Hands (with the last theme hoping to identify stories of resilient individuals working tirelessly to lend a helping hand in the struggle for equality and empowerment). They are accepting short films up to 10-minutes, documentaries up to 15-minutes, 30-60 seconds long public service announcements, and animated films up to 5 minutes long.

The film festival’s third iteration is scheduled to run in Islamabad from March 4th to March 10th at the Pakistan National Council of Arts. The festival aims to select films from around the world that engage and inform people about women rights related to gender issues, child abuse, sexual harassment, and stories of remarkable men and women who lend a helping hand in the struggle for equality and empowerment.

The event will host the second edition of the Parwaaz Film Lab, this time a 3-day long film lab for participants from across Pakistan.





  • Get a chance to win the ‘Best Film’ award and cash prizes of up to 500 Euros.
  • An opportunity to network with talented women filmmakers from around the world
  • A better chance to get your work acknowledged and appreciated on a wide scale.
  • There is no participation fee.


  1. Submitted films MUST be directed by women. They can, however, co-direct their film(s) with a male counterpart. The central role in the filmmaking process must be played by a woman.
  2. Films should contain original content, produced and directed by the filmmaker himself/herself.
  3. Violation of intellectual property rights, “infringement” with regard to patents, copyright, and trademarks, and “misappropriation” with respect to trade secrets, can be a breach of civil law or criminal law, and can be used to file a lawsuit.
  4. If music or additional film material used in your film is not original, then you must cite the source. This is entirely the filmmaker’s responsibility. Failure to cite the source will result in your film being withdrawn from the Festival.
  5. In the event that your content is found to be plagiarized, your film will be removed from the festival, and your name will be blacklisted making you ineligible to submit any films in the upcoming WIFFs.
  6. Only the films made under the given themes will be accepted
  7. Films should follow the guidelines provided
  8. Films should be submitted through YouTube and Vimeo links only
  9. Contestants must submit their photo ID along with the film
  10. Films submitted past the deadline will not be accepted
  11. If you have a film that does not fit the film durations we have set out, it will not be accepted.
  12. Your films cannot feature brand logos nor endorse products.

Eligible Regions: Open for all


Deadline: January 5, 2019