November 19, 2018

Workshop on Art & Craft of Adaptation

This workshop focuses on exploring the creative storytelling processes which writers employ to transform novels, short stories, plays, memoirs, biographies or historical accounts into effective screenplays. In a supportive workshop environment—working individually and in groups—writers interested in developing adaptations for film and television will practice honing skills in dramatic structure, visual storytelling, and character growth. The workshop will also include in-class viewing and exercises to enable writers to strengthen their outlook on dialogue, description, conflict, back-story and setting.

Duration: 5 Days
Timing: 25 Hours
Type: Participatory
Number of participant: 50 (Max)

Workshop Module:

 Choosing your source material. Choosing the best medium for your material, and the best way to tell that story from a variety of approaches………
 The Developing your character. We will practice back-story and character arc development, as well as taking a close look at character relationships……..
 The adaptation process: We will master the use of scene cards and practice the art of storytelling-as-treatment in class……….
 Each student will turn in his or her four-page treatment for the instructor’s feedback. In Class: Writing scene by scene: The art of the rough draft………..
 The art of revision: the process of improving your work from rough draft through revised drafts. What to look for and how to make your writing flow……..….
 Pitching and marketing your work locally, regionally, and globally……….


Prof. Alexis Krasilovsky
Dept. of Cinema & TV Arts,
Cal. State University, Northridge USA

Participant benefits:

AC Classroom, International Standard Teaching, Notes (PDF), Movie reference, IAFM membership benefits, International Script submission, Festival Network Access, Funding Opportunities, Access to join & participate in International Film Festival (CBIFF) and finally they will get Certificate.

Admission fee: 3,000 BDT (In advance)

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International Academy of Film and Media

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Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh
Cell: 01731683677, 01739533760

Deadline: Jan 3, 2019 - Jan 8, 2019