November 20, 2018

Youth Opportunities Bangladesh

Youth Opportunities is the largest opportunity discovery platform for youth across the globe. Here you can find local opportunities in Bangladesh. This facebook group is created to serve as a learning and sharing platform of education and motivational materials as well as share opportunities with each other. Activities: Valued members are encouraged to make this group as active as possible by: ○ Posting latest national and international opportunities relevant to Bangladeshi youth; ○ Sharing educational material (articles, blog, videos, tedtalk, or other form of materials) with fellow members; ○ Sharing motivational content in the group (quotes, blogs, lectures, video and other forms of materials); ○ Sharing success stories (both personal stories and local stories) to encourage other young people; ○ Using this group as a co-learning space for asking and answering important questions for personal and professional development. Prohibited activities: ○ This is a youth community group and thus, any activities inappropriate, anti-social, hateful to any segment of the society are strictly prohibited to maintain a learning conducive environment in the group. ○ This is not an online buying and selling group, and thus, members are requested not to post things to buy or sell products or services. ○ This group should not be used as a media to promote any particular organization. General Terms and Conditions: ○ Everybody can and should add their friends to this group and is encouraged to participate in group activities. ○ To maintain a healthy environment in the group the admins of Youth Opportunities will review group activities and take necessary actions, if required.